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Influencer Marketing is on the rise and is expected to hit $5-$10 Billion Dollars by 2020.  The majority of agencies and businesses turn a goldmine of an investment opportunity, and turn it in to a negative ROI by not investigating and researching the Influencer in full detail.  A high follow count is not the correct way of knowing the true value of an influencer, we must dig deeper before investing hard earned dollars and having it turned to ashes.

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SocialVex Introduces...

The Influencer Analyzer

With the Influencer Analyzer, you can search and pull up reports for any Influencer.  The theory and idea behind the tool is to run reports for Influencers which you are interested in partnering with.  Once our reports are run for the first time, we monitor all account activity and document the statistics in a daily basis.  We recommend waiting one week and then refreshing and viewing the report from your User Panel to review and analyze the statistics which we’ve captured.


View Engagement Rate Statistics and Charts, along with the users Average Likes and Comments to determine activity levels on the analyzed account

People Statistical Charts

View patterns and habits of an Influencers Followers and Following Counts to determine Fraudulent Activity and Bot Purchasings.

Future Projections

Auto generated statistics regarding followers and media uploads are provided to estimate the future projection figures of the Influencers account

Top Posts

View the latest Top Posts to determine what type of content resonates best with the Influencers audience in order to benefit with high engagement

Top Hashtags

In addition to using your own branded hashtags, you may view the top hashtags on the Influencers account to create more exposure and engagement

Comparison Tool

Compare multiple Influencers or your own Instagram account and competitors to determine areas which require improvement and enhancing

PDF Exports

Easily generate PDF exports of the generated report to share with colleagues, partners, or clients

API Ready

We supply API keys and capabilities in order for your company to easily automate and collect data using an API

Advanced Analytics

When an Influencer Analyzer Report is generated, we offer you the ability to run an Advanced Analytics report, for Free! We dig deep in to a random sampling of followers for the given account, and report back their Insights Data so you can dig even deeper in to the audience which is following the Influencer, in order for you to make a more educated choice on which Influencer to invest with.

Followers by Country

We will provide Country based data so you know where the audience physically resides and if the target location is one which you’re seeking

Followers by City

We dig even deeper to find the cities of where the followers reside

Followers by Age

We determine the age groups and ranges of the Influencers followers to help decide if they’re the correct demographic in age.

Followers by Gender

We determine if the Influencers Followers are Men or Female, so you can determine if you’re dealing with the correct target audience

Followers by Language

We determine the languages and ethnicity of the Influencers follower base

Followers by Interest

Find out what the Influencers audience is interested in and if it aligns with your marketing goals

Followers by Activity

Dig even more deeper in to the followers and identify who they really are and ensure you’re only dealing with Influencers with Followers that are active and engaged

Growth Strategy

Find out if the Influencer used black hat or unethical strategies to build their audience and ensure they’re reputable with real active followers

Sample Reports

Check out a few sample and demo reports below

Richard G.

co-founder, technical lead,
8+ years experience

Miriam B.

co-founder, producer,
8+ years experience

Jane M.

co-founder, web apps development,
12+ experience

Rachel T.

game designer,
12+ years experience

Diana F.

art director,
15+ years experience

Tiffany K.

5+ years experience

Gregor H.

3+ years experience

James G.

2+ years experience

Live Demo

Watch our live demo and walk through on how our Instagram Analyzer and Advanced Analytics works.

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