Audience Finder

Global spending on digital marketing nears $100 billion and much of it is lost on trial and error when targeting broad audiences.  Our Audience Finder was built for B2B and B2C companies looking to reach out to highly targeted audiences related to their niche or brand.  Our B2B clients utilize our tool for partnerships and client sourcing with in their given niche.  Out B2C clients benefit immensely by creating Facebook Custom and Lookalike Audiences from the e-mails gathered from our reports and perform low cost targeted Facebook/Instagram Ad Marketing.

Features and Benefits


We save you the time and hastle from manually searching and finding qualified B2B clients using a magnitude of platforms and have automated everything for you

Cost Reductions

Reduce the costs and expenses involved with hiring internal staff or freelancers to perform search and outreach for qualified B2B leads, along with membership costs

No Limits

In order to create a Facebook Custom or Lookalike audience for B2C prospects, over 1000 sales are required for Facebook to create an accurate audience

Laser Targeting

For B2C advertising, we can generate custom e-mail lists based on the followers of any specified Instagram account. Such a report will ensure you have a highly targeted list

SocialVex Introduces...

The Audience Finder

With the Audience Finder, you can now automate the searching, finding, and outreach of targeted clients or customers.  Based on your criteria, we will provide you with a detailed report including e-mail addresses in order for you to perform outreach (B2B) or to generate Custom/Lookalike Audiences (B2C).


Business Search

We have the ability to search and find Instagram Business Accounts and contact information to automate and create massive e-mail lists for fast and quick outreach

Username Query

We have the ability to target Business followers of any account on Instagram, making your list highly targeted.  Are you looking to contact a Cisco Engineer? Search followers of @cisco

Geographic Location

We can perform a deep inspection on our data and filter out users based in the US or Worldwide to help narrow down your search based on location


Competitors Followers

We provide the ability to enter a competitors username and gather data and contact information (e-mails) from their followers

Custom Audience

You can now build a targeted and custom audience based on the e-mails provided in our reports which can be used for Facebook and Instagram Ad Marketing

Lookalike Audience

Once a Custom Audience is created, you have the ability to create a Lookalike Audience to reach even more potential customers with Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Sample Reports

We offer customers the ability to not only choose the Instagram account which they would like to extract their audiences from, we can also perform deep layer filtering based on their geographic location (Worldwide or U.S Only).  Please see below for a few sample reports recently generated.

The Rock

Audience Results from @therock
Worldwide User Account Search


Audience Results from @rolex
U.S User Account Search


Audience Results from @mvmt
Worldwide User Account Search


Audience Results from @ferrari
Worldwide User Account Search

Live Demo

Watch our live demo and walk through on how our Audience Finder works, and how it could benefit you.


Users have the ability to purchase single use token or in tokens in bulk at discounted rates.  For package offerings above 15 Credits, please e-mail [email protected]

Pay As You Go

$51 Credit
$51 Credit
  • Pay As You Go allows you the flexibility to purchase any amount of credits to suit your needs

  • 1 Credit = 500 User Results
  • 1 Credit = Single Report
  • No Report Expiration Date

5 Pack

$205 Credits
$205 Credits
  • Save $5 when ordering the 5 Report Package for only $20

  • 5 Credits = 2500 User Results
  • 5 Credits = Up to 5 Reports
  • No Report Expiration Date

10 Pack

$3510 Credits
$3510 Credits
  • Save $15 when ordering the 10 Report Package for only $35

  • 10 Credits = 5000 User Results
  • 10 Credits = Up to 10 Reports
  • No Report Expiration Date

15 Pack

$5015 Credits
$5015 Credits
  • Save $25 when ordering the 15 Report Package for only $50

  • 15 Credits = 7500 User Results
  • 15 Credits = Up to 15 Reports
  • No Report Expiration Date