How it works

We at SocialVex have created a simplistic system with restrictive and exclusive rights to access and usage.  Our tools have zero limitations or restrictions once enrolled in our monthly membership program.  Once access is granted, you will immediately have access to all of our tools and programs.

Act now, as our Membership system is exclusive and only available for a limited amount of users until it’s locked down and closed for registration.

Influencer Analyzer

Our Influencer Analyzer and Advanced Analytics Reports have unlimited usage limits.  Others charge up to $30 for a single report!

Influencer Finder

Our Influencer Finder database is wide open with unlimited access to all Influencers.  Our database is updated on a daily basis.

Audience Finder

View our current Audiences stored in our local database, or run unlimited custom reports with access to massive e-mail lists, ready to export to CSV.


Exclusive Membership

Free Trial

FreeLimited Access
FreeLimited Access
  • Give our tools a test run before signing up to a membership program by simply registering. No Credit Card details required!

  • 5 Influencer Analyzer Reports
  • 5 Advanced Analytics Results
  • 20 Influencer Finder Results
  • 20 Audience Finder Results

Membership (Monthly)

$20Full Access
$20Full Access
  • Enroll in our monthly Membership program for unlimited access to all of our tools! No committment required, and you may cancel at any time.

  • Unlimited Influencer Analyzer Reports
  • Unlimited Advanced Analytics Results
  • Unlimited Influencer Finder Results
  • Unlimited Audience Finder Results
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