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Influencer Marketing is on the rise and is expected to hit 5-10 Billion Dollars by 2020.  The majority of agencies and businesses are missing a great and affortable digital marketing opportunity by investing in underperforming Influencers with higher follower bases, which can be easily manipulated. Use our SocialVex Analyzer tool to dig deeper, track, and gain a better understanding of your Influencer before beginning a collaboration with them.

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Supported Platforms
Currently, you may access data from all User Accounts on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitter.  We’re currently in development to support other Social Media Platforms and will be releasing a fourth very shortly, stay tuned!

SocialVex Introduces...
The Influencer Analyzer
With the Influencer Analyzer, you can query and pull up reports for any Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter User Account or Influencer.  The tool has exclusive access and can pull important pieces of information on any Influencer and build a report live with in seconds.  Once our reports are run for the first time, we monitor all account activity and document the statistics on a day to day basis.  The Influencers data can be accessed and refreshed easily from the users admin panel at any time, as we have no expiry on any of our reports.


View Engagement Rate Statistics and Charts, along with the users Average Likes and Comments to determine activity levels on the Influencer’s account

People Statistical Charts

Analyze habits and pattern recognition from an Influencer’s Followers and Following Counts to determine fraudulent activity and shady tactics

Future Projections

Auto generated statistics regarding followers and media uploads are provided to estimate the future projection figures of the Influencers account

Top Posts

View the latest Top Posts to determine what type of content resonates best with the Influencer’s audience in order to promote similar content so you may benefit with similar engagement rates

Top Hashtags

In addition to using your own branded hashtags, you may view and use the top hashtags on the Influencer’s account to create similar exposure and engagement from your advertised post

Comparison Tool

Compare multiple Influencer’s or your own Instagram account and competitors to determine areas which require improvement and enhancing

PDF Exports

Easily generate PDF exports of the generated report to share with colleagues, partners, or clients

API Ready

We support API calls and provide API keys in order for your company to collect data with ease and automation
Advanced Analytics
Once an Influencer Analyzer Report is generated, we offer you the ability to run an Advanced Analytics report, for no additional cost! We dig deep in to the Influencer’s followers, and report back critical data points and insight data. With this data in your hands, not only will you know if the Influencer is legitimate, but you will also learn more about their audience and whether they resonate with your brand, promotion or advertisement.

(Due to Redevelopment, this feature will not be avail until Q1 2021)

Followers by Country

Are you looking to target an audience from a specific country? We will provide Followers data based on the country in where they reside

Followers by City

We dig even deeper to determine the cities in which the followers reside in

Followers by Age

We determine the age groups and ranges of the Influencer’s followers to help educate the marketer on choosing the correct audience based on age

Followers by Gender

We perform gender based queries to determine if the Influencer’s followers are mostly men or women

Followers by Language

We determine the languages spoken and ethnicity of the Influencer’s follower base

Followers by Interest

Find out what the Influencer’s followers are interested in and if it aligns with your marketing goals

Followers by Activity

Get even more advanced and find out who these followers really are.  Always ensure they’re active and engaged or you’re advertising to a brick wall.

Growth Strategy

Find out if the Influencer used black hat or unethical strategies to build their audience and ensure they’re reputable with real active followers
Sample Reports
Please check out and view a few sample and demo reports below:

Richard G.

co-founder, technical lead,
8+ years experience

Miriam B.

co-founder, producer,
8+ years experience

Jane M.

co-founder, web apps development,
12+ experience

Rachel T.

game designer,
12+ years experience

Diana F.

art director,
15+ years experience

Tiffany K.

5+ years experience

Gregor H.

3+ years experience

James G.

2+ years experience

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