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Influencer Marketing is on the rise and is expected to hit $5-$10 Billion Dollars by 2020.  At SocialVex, we have a team of entrepreneurs with years of Influencer Marketing experience and the process around finding targeted Influencers to partner with was tedius and time consuming, which resulted in high costs by hiring dedicated employees and freelancers to search and perform outreach to Influencers via Instagram.  We had to come up with a smarter solution to automate this work which would save money and time. This results in us developing the Influencer Finder and the service is now available to the public.
Features and Benefits


We save you the hassle and time spending several hours a day browsing through hashtags, cities, and interests for qualified Influencer’s and have fully automated the process for you and your team

Cost Reductions

Your time is better focused on other tasks, besides tedious and manual labor.  Most companies bring on full time employees and hire contractors/freelancers just to perform Influencer outsourcing duties

No Limitations

All time and efforts invested with searching, finding, and direct messaging Influencer’s may be partially successful, due to Instagram’s limitations on the amount of DMs which can be sent out on a daily basis

Laser Targeting

Influencer’s are not only difficult to find, but targeted influencer’s who coincide with your niche or brand is even more difficult to find.  Investing in non targeted influencer’s will not bring you a positive ROI

SocialVex Introduces...

The Influencer Finder

Using the Influencer Finder, you can automate the searching, finding, and contacting of targeted influencer’s with the click of a button.  We will provide you with a report listing all influencer’s, including e-mail addresses which can be used for outreach in bulk.  Use our advanced automation and technology and start cutting costs and time.

Custom Search

Perform a Custom Search based on Keywords or Hashtags and instantly view Influencers from your particular niche with in seconds

Category Search

Search our local database of Influencers based on a specific niche.  If your category is not listed, we will create a custom category just for you

Geographic Location

You may filer and target your Influencers based on their recent locations.  Locations Available are US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, and Worldwide

Influencer Follower Count

You’re in control on the type of Influencer’s you have interest in, either Micro or Macro.  We are noticing a positive trend towards Micro Influencer Collaborations

Daily Updates

On a daily basis, we rigorously go out and update our Influencer database with new accounts.  We do all of the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to

Messenger Center

With a click of a button, you can compose an e-mail and communicate with any Influencer on our platform to inquire about a partnership deal

Influencer Platforms

Please see below for the Influencer Discovery platforms which are supported and are currently in development.  We’re always welcoming ideas and if there’s large demand for a new platform, we will add the integration for it!


TikTOk Logo






Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Sample Queries

We offer customers the ability to not only browse through Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok Influencers, but to also narrow your filtering and searches down based on Category/Niche and Location.  You may also direct message your Influencers or export their data to a CSV for easy data processing and compiling.  Please see below for a few example search results performed.
Influencer Finder - Sample Report 1


Finder Algorithm: Keyword Tags
Niche Targeting: Watches
Follower Size: All
Geo: U.S Influencers
Influencer Finder - Sample Report 2


Finder Algorithm: Category
Niche Targeting: Entrepreneurship
Follower Size: Micro
Geo: Worldwide Influencers
Influencer Finder - Sample Report 4


Finder Algorithm: Category
Niche Targeting: Business
Follower Size: Macro
Geo: Worldwide Influencers
Influencer Finder - Sample Report 3

All Influencers

Finder Algorithm: All
Niche Targeting: All
Follower Size: All
Geo: Australian Influencers

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