Influencer Analyzer

View and track influencer engagement rates, follower/following stats, popular posts, top posts, and media stats

Advanced Analytics

Dig deeper and learn more about an Influencers followers, including city, country, age, gender, language, interests and activity

Influencer Finder

Automate and find micro and macro targeted influencers for collaborations based on a competitors account, category, or hashtags.

Audience Finder

Generate reports on targeted audiences and collect contact details for outreach and to build custom/lookalike FB audiences

Influencer Analyzer & Analytics


Gain knowledge and insights on your influencers before collaborating and garnishing a negative ROI on your investment.

In 2018, $1.6 billion dollars was funneled in to Instagram Influencer Marketing and the majority did not return a positive ROI due to not being able to analyze the influencers follow base.  Until today…

  • Growth Stats
  • Future Projections
  • Comparison Tool
  • Tags & Hashtags
  • PDF Reports
  • API Ready
  • Followers by country
  • Followers by city
  • Followers by age
  • Followers by gender
  • Followers by language
  • Followers by interests

Influencer Finder


Automate and laser target the right influencers with in your given niche with our reporting tool

Social Media agencies and brands have dedicated full time workers who manually crawl Instagram searching for influencers.  We have fully automated this procedure resulting in hundreds of hours a month saved.

  • Username Queries
  • Hashtag Queries
  • Category Queries
  • Micro Influencers
  • Macro Influencers
  • Various Report Counts
  • Run Live Reports
  • Export to CSV

Audience Finder


Audience outreach and Digital Marketing just got easier! Build Custom and Lookalike Audiences with our Audience Finder Tool!

E-mail outreach requires heavy labor, and building Custom or Lookalike Audiences on Facebook requires over 100 Sales and Conversions  We have a solution for all of that.  Run a highly targeted Audience Finder report and we’ll generate a list for you immediately.

  • Custom Report Name
  • Username Queries
  • Geographic Based Targeting
  • Custom Audience Sizes
  • Live Audience Reports
  • Export to CSV

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SocialVex is a team of 5 with over 50 years of combined experience in the Social Media Marketing space.  Our team comprises of Digital Marketing Mavens, Developers, API Specialists and AI/Machine Learning Experts.  We strive for customer satisfaction and want nothing but the best for our clients success with Influencer and Digital Marketing.  We’re constantly improving and creating new tools to help the community and become a leader in our genre.

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SocialVex has partnered and employed only the best to create, built, and support the best possible tools to help clients with Social Media Marketing.

  • Influencer Analyzer and Analytics
  • Influencer Finder (Automation)
  • Audience Finder (Automation)
  • New Advanced Tools in Development
  • 24/7 Live Chat and E-Mail Support

Our experience

Digital Marketing Expert - 12 years
Web Developer - 15 Years
Machine Learning Specialist - 10 years
Influencer Expert - 8 years
Developer (PHP) - 8 Years